Interesting Peripheral Neuropathy Links



Barlow sent us this link to a comprehensive look at marijuana:

Barlow also sent us this fascinating article on the effects of marijuana on seniors:

Thanks Phil for an excellent basic overview of where medical professionals are on marijuana:


OTHER P-N ORGANIZATIONS TO HELP YOU: (The Leading P-N Foundation’s Website w/complete support group listings. (Western Neuropathy Association – Bev Anderson’s amazing site! (Washington DC Metro PN Support Group newsletter) (Dominick Spatafora’s wonderful website – AND DON’T MISS THE ANNUAL P-N SPEAKER CONFERENCE AVAILABLE ON THIS WEBSITE!)  Find medical trials, updates and even free examination services from this national medical research agency!

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GOOD RESEARCH SITES:  The National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Strokes (University of  Kansas Medical Center – just enter “peripheral neuropathy” in “Search”  on the right) has lots of research findings available\: (Pharmaceutical, holistic and supplemental solutions from the amazing Graedon’s! Enter “peripheral neuropathy” into “Search”)

Care to be part of the Research Registry? Go here  (The Frugal Nurse – a different look at healthcare!)

Keep up with the latest in P-N information here:

WHAT COULD GO WRONG?:  Your Guide to Questionable Medical Devices (Operated by Stephen Barrett, M.D.)

Barlow found this riveting video on the dangers Chinese pills sold in the U.S.:

Supplements To Avoid:


Lloyd submitted this excellent article on sleep apnea & P-N:


Could low levels of vitamin D be the problem?:

Is "neuropathic itch" a thing?: